swfShrink is a Java-based freeware that enables to (re-)compress images of a Flash movie to reduce its file size.

Features in version V0.1:

Planed features for future version :

Screen shots

Windows XP

Mac Os X
Os X


swfShrink is free to use for private and not commercial purposes. For any other purposes, thanks to contact me directly (see readme.txt file for addresses infos).


Thanks to Flagstone Software Ltd. for its wonderful Transform SWF framework.

Thanks to Rodrigo for his nice JSmooth wrapper.

Thanks to authors of the free tools I love : DebugMode for the Wink tool, Brian Apps for Sizer, Matthieu for phpMyVisites, Yannick for the Aztek Forum, Fabien for FileZilla,

... and of course the incredible wellknown tools : Gimp, Eclipse, Mozilla, ...

My freeware wouldn't have been without all of them !!

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Mac Os X

All machines (Windows, Mac Os X, Linux, Unix, ...)

If you are comfortable with the use of a Java machine

java -Xmx256M -jar swfShrink.jar

Typical launchers are available : runWindows.bat, runUnixLinuxOsX.sh

How to use

Using swfShrink is very easy and intuitive :

  1. launch swfShrink
  2. it will prompt you to choose a Flash movie, select a .swf file
  3. the first image is then displayed with its compression rate evaluation for the default JPG quality
  4. change the JPG quality and press [Eval] button to get a new evaluation of the compression rate, and see the effect on JPG damages
  5. if the result is satisfying, click the [compress] checkbox to decide whether the image should be compressed or not
  6. you can navigate through images using [Prev] and [Next] buttons
  7. when you are ready with all images, press [Save] button

See demo animation (7M) :

See swfShrinked demo animation (1.3M) :


You can discuss, ask, read about swfShrink on the dedicated forum [Forum].

Hope you will enjoy....